DataTel Cloud delivers the perfect combination of state-of-the-art communication technologies to facilitate effective communication for your business or organization.

Who We Are

Locally owned for over 50 years, DataTel Cloud has been a leading telecommunications supplier in Idaho. During this time, we have developed a reputation for superior service and customer commitment. Our company has been instrumental in bringing advanced telecommunications to thousands of area businesses, hospitals, educational facilities, and more. No job is too big or complex. Staying ahead of the curve, by providing our customers with a wide variety of products and services. DataTel Cloud offers you the ability to make one call for your telecommunication, internet, data and cloud services. We promise to bring the right suppliers, provide the best solutions, and superior customer service for all your communication needs.

What We Do

Business Phone Systems

No matter your business or industry, regardless of size, we understand that your communications system is the heart of your operation. That’s because, in today’s technological world, instant communication with customers, suppliers, and operations is the key to success. At DataTel Cloud, we’ll help you determine what your requirements are and how to implement them successfully. With integrated hardware and software solutions, we’ll help you create applications that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We’ll also make sure your system is workable because we know that technology that can’t be accessed is wasted. With user-centric solutions, virtually anyone can learn to operate our systems.

We take pride in creating powerful, hard-working communication systems that connect entire organizations to new levels of productivity, information exchange, and profitability.

Carrier Services

DataTel Cloud has an experienced team that collaborates closely with you, and offers solutions based on your business strategies.

  • We are a leading technology solution provider with a solid reputation of serving the needs of our customers.
  • We offer free invoice & system analysis, and can make recommendations on solutions.

Network Consulting

DataTel Cloud can integrate all your internal servers, data networks, and communications equipment.

Maintenance and Service Agreements

DataTel Cloud will service and maintain all of your communication and network equipment. Ask about our custom maintenance agreements.

Our Partner Companies

DataTel Cloud has researched and partnered with leading telecommunications companies and Internet service providers in the area. Our One-Stop Solution enables you to no longer have to deal with multiple suppliers. Instead, you are assured of accurate billing, fewer headaches, and the best prices on the highest quality service and advanced equipment. DataTel Cloud is your one-stop solution for telecommunications and internet services.

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