Today’s workplace is constantly evolving with IP-based cloud/hosted communications transforming the business landscape. Our advanced Hosted VoIP service will provide you with the ability to take advantage of these changes while providing your customers with a service that increases productivity and saves money.

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At DataTel Cloud, our Hosted PBX phone system service has been developed over the past nine years (with the help and support of Metaswitch) to provide businesses with a stable yet adaptable platform to significantly boost their new Hosted revenue.

The market for Hosted PBX services has rapidly evolved as customers discover the benefits of moving from an on-premise PBX solution to a cloud-based solution. In fact, it’s easy to view a year by year decline in the PBX market of 9% by looking at recent market reports. That 9% decline is due to businesses transitioning from on-premise PBX services to Hosted PBX services.

Unlike other Hosted PBX providers, DataTel Cloud is built on cloud first heritage as we have over nine years of experience working with our trusted partner Metaswitch to provide an appealing and successful program for our partners to sell our product.

The Metaswitch platform has enabled us to build a “best-in-class” product with all the features you would expect from a typical PBX to improve customer communication in order to drive operating efficiency, cost savings, and support a mobile workforce.

DataTel Cloud has been working with a wide variety of partners from all over the country to facilitate your ability to deliver world-class service to your customers at affordable prices with attractive margins to build a next-generation voice service that will keep them happy for years to come.

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The central product features of our Hosted VoIP service includes a series of Call Control capabilities and other crucial functions such as Receptionist, Auto Attendant, Call Queues, Voicemail, Hunt Groups, and Mobile clients; all of which will improve customer communications by handling calls quickly and efficiently.

In addition to these advanced call handling solutions, we also offer an advanced set of collaboration products to provide businesses with the ability to transform the way they work in the future.

With a rich set of cutting-edge Call Management features and Collaboration proficiency, the solutions we provide can have a real impact on customer communication management. Our simple management interface provide users with the ability to manage remote sites from a single portal, ensuring productivity is maximized and response rates are enhanced.

Mobile Workforce Support

As business and workforce environments change, there is an increasing need for work flexibility from remote locations rather than having a traditional office. With a DataTel Cloud solution, users have the ability to access our service from any location with a wide variety of desktop and mobile devices.

Rapid Business Growth Scalability

Whether you need to add new team members or new offices, DataTel Cloud’s Hosted PBX will accommodate scalability requirements by providing the ultimate flexibility that adapts to the dynamics of your business with reduced costs and faster deployment than traditional systems.

Cost Savings

By utilizing Hosted PBX, businesses will be provided with a future-proof solution with flexible features, configurations, and contracts to suit the specific requirements and limited capital expenses they need. In fact, businesses often save up to 20-40% over traditional solutions.

Business Continuity & Reliability

If the premise of a business is affected by a natural disaster or other misfortune, our solution allows users to immediately start working from a remote location. Our cloud phone service is built on a highly resilient Telco architecture which ensures business continuity and reliability in case of a fire, flood, earthquake, etc.

Enhanced Customer Communications

At DataTel Cloud, our customers never miss a call. In fact, they can easily record their conversations, answer from any device, read their voicemails, and effortlessly integrate their phone system with their CRM database which is only a few of the multitude of solutions provided with a Hosted PBX solution.

Unlimited Calling Capability

Businesses can better estimate future expenditures with our Unlimited Local and Interstate/Intrastate Long Distance (US and Canada only).

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