SIP Trunking allows you to take your customers on a journey to IP by exchanging their TDM lines for PBX to our hosted service.

Regular TDM voice lines and trunks have been a conventional technology that has been invaluable to many companies looking to connect their on-premise PBX to the public telephone network. As a company outgrows their telecommunications solutions, they often search for ways to revamp the way their business communicates by looking for an alternative that offers more value, flexibility, and reliability. The solution is SIP Trunking.

SIP Trunking has advanced into a technology powering a large part of many clients communication systems. The ability to apply multiple channels over one SIP Trunk has been adopted by small businesses hampered by the price and complexity of numerous TDM business lines and by larger companies where T1 lines were too inflexible and costly. SIP Trunks are more affordable than TDM lines, offering more adaptability in the way they are delivered, putting your customers on a migration journey to an all IP environment.

DataTel Cloud’s SIP Trunking service is certified with an extensive number of PBXs so you are protected in the knowledge that you can work with any client out there. We can add additional high-value features like call recording over the top of the SIP Trunking service to complement the applications that the attached PBX may lack.

Interconnect with a wide collection of PBXs

Along with our technology partners, DataTel Cloud has tested many PBXs. This makes it very likely that the SIP Trunking you purchase will support your current PBX. If it is not supported, we also offer a collection of gateways to connect your PBX to our service.

Numbering & E911

At DataTel Cloud, we provide or can port numbers, and have extensive coverage in the U.S and Canada. Our service supports E911 regulations to ensure your business stays safe.

Call Routing

As a growing business, it’s important to be able to manage your calls across numerous locations. SIP Trunking includes a collection of advanced features such as Call Number, Presentation, and Call Balancing between locations.


The SIP Trunking service has an advanced recording capability allowing you to record, store, and access calls as needed.

Cost Savings

Businesses that choose the future-proof solution of SIP Trunking will enjoy significant cost savings over PRI. Unlike PRI you can buy exactly the number of channels you require from two and up. At DataTel Cloud, we’ve seen customers save up to 50% on line rentals and 25% on calls.

Effortless Upgrade to Cloud Solutions

SIP Trunking allows users to reserve the investment in their PBX while easing the upgrade to a hosted service in the future. With cloud connection, they can take advantage of services like cloud recording immediately.

Flexible Scalability

Adding more channel capacity to regular PRI connectivity can be timely and problematic. With our product, additional capability can be added in a matter of hours if you have suitable data access.

Business Continuity & Reliability

If the premise of a business is affected by a natural disaster or other misfortune, our SIP Trunking allows users to immediately reroute calls to a different location quickly and easily. Even more, if business lines are busy, our product can reroute to another number or location, ensuring you never miss a call.

Unlimited Calling

Businesses can better estimate future expenditures with our Unlimited Local and Interstate/Intrastate Long Distance (US and Canada only).

* SIP trunking, minimum of 2: $22.95

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